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Image by Chandan Chaurasia

River Rafting

Book a  river rafting service from our desk, we have collaboration with some of the most famous rafting agencies in Leh Ladakh

Image by Vivek Sharma

Camel Safari

Camel safari is the favorite adventure for most of the tourists who visit Hunder. Our tie-ups with camel owners can get you a better deal specially for families

Image by Vitor Rossetto

ATV Ride

In the deserts of Ladakh this all-terrain vehicle is a vehicle of choice for adventure, but quite expensive rides. We might have a better deal for you

Our Services

During your stay at our resort, you can avail of these services from our help desk. We have the best contacts.

Image by Beekay

Mountain Biking

Whether its a mountain bike or a motorbike for hiring in Leh Ladakh, we have reliable agencies on good terms with us, which benefits our clients

Image by Chinh Le Duc

Zip Line

A newly introduced zipline adventure in Stakna and is fun to do and an easy adventure for anyone,  If you ever want to try let us know 

Image by Sahaj Patel

Taxi Services

Ladakh is not just a city there are many valleys within Ladakh and most of it has road access, for short trips in Leh and around we have the taxi service 

Our Tariffs

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